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Imogen Joy at 2022 NXNE

Toronto, ON | Thursday, June 16 | 11:00 PM | Wheatsheaf

Don’t let the Joy in her name fool you, you’re in for some darkness. Imogen Joy is a Toronto songwriter, producer and poet. Her deep and humorous lyrics are captivating and heartbreakingly honest. “You have to live life to have anything to write about, so I went out and lived- and wrotedown all the horrible, amazing things I felt."

Melodic, thoughtful verses with heavy beats she says, “I want my music to feel like Leonard Cohen walked through a forest, then went to a rave but left early without saying goodbye.” Get ready to laugh, cry and dance with your demons.


NXNE is a legendary annual music festival held— almost — every June across downtown Toronto since 1995.. NXNE triumphantly returned June 14 -18, 2022 at 18 amazing live music venues with over 200 artists. The festival celebrates community and new music with showcases, parties, and more. 2023 dates June 13 -17.

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