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Imogen Joy: "Summer's House"

Released January 23, 2019

We felt alive A gift from the universe hey we noticed how good you've been We apologize for the hospital karma doesn't get enough sleep Take him into your bed He’ll be just like a dream Driving down the highway Meeting his friend for ecstasy Take me to a place where I hate the music dance with me Tattoo his name on my ankle, scratch his car with my key Smelled whiskey on my breath every time we met he said take better care of the woman I love Then he's throwing me out its 2 am so I'm walking with no shoes to summer’s house That's where I called you from That's where I called you from I felt alive Ones on adderall asking me To come along for a taxi ride I get into the car cause you Didn't want me to stay the night In a couple months you really wonder what I'll be like Matthew said stay away from that man Wow you’ve really got a type Thought I was looking for breakfast But see I’m just looking for a high That’s what i tell myself As you kiss me goodbye Chorus He put his hands around my waist he says you are my wife you are the Mother of my children He put his hands around my neck Until I couldn't breathe I'm blacking out with all my love for him for him with all my love for him Chorus


released January 23, 2019 Produced by Pat Power Written by Imogen J Bobert-Hahn


all rights reserved

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